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Rabbit Health Treatments

Services provided by Aldwick Pets.

Bring your bunny to us for:

Claw clipping


Flea/ Mite treatment

Fly strike Prevention

Ear Clean

Weight Check.

What's involved?

In order to keep your bunny happy and healthy there are a number of checks and treatments which should be carried out regularly.  We are aware that some owners are not confidant in doing this; for this reason we have set up our ‘Rabbit Health Treatments’.

Bring your bunny to us and we will provide the following services:

Claw clipping:   We will check rabbits nails and clip them back if required. Usually necessary about every 6- 8 weeks, time period varies with individual rabbits.

£4.00 per pet.

Spot on:  We will apply Beaphar spot on which contains ivermectin, for prevention of parasites, including fleas, mites and roundworm.  This should be repeated monthly to be effective.

£3.00 per pet.

Ear Clean:   Any dirt or debris are cleaned from the ears and ear drops are applied to help prevent the build up of wax and ear mites.   Particularly important for lop eared rabbits.

£1.00 per pet

Fly Guard:   This is a treatment which should be carried out every 3 months in order to reduce the risk of a potentially fatal condition called fly strike.  Good hutch hygiene is also an important preventative measure.  Overweight rabbits are particularly prone to this condition.

£1.50 per pet

Grooming:   Your bunny will be groomed thoroughly  with our special ‘furminator’ grooming tool,  which effectively removes dead hair and brings out the natural oils in the coat.  A grooming spray will also be applied leaving the coat with a healthy shine.  A good grooming session is particularly important after a moult in order to keep the coat in good condition and avoid the ingestion of fur, causing hairball's.  Rabbits will normally moult around twice a year.

£5.00 per pet

Full Groom Clip and De matting (for long haired bunnies): Full comb through with use of de matting comb and clippers if necessary.  We can give long haired bunnies a regular full clip to make grooming and coat care easier to manage if required.

£10 per pet

Weight Check:  Bunny will be weighed and the weight noted for comparison to the ideal weight for the breed and to previous readings.

Free with any other treatment

Diet:  We will take note of your bunnies diet and discuss any concerns which you may have about this.

We are also happy to give your rabbit a general check over.  However we are not veterinary qualified and are therefore not in a position to give medical advice or diagnose injury or illness. 
If  we have a concern about your bunny we will always suggest you seek veterinary advice.

Free with any other treatment.

You will be provided with a record sheet which you can bring with you to each visit in order to keep track of treatments carried out.

Treatments can be carried out while you wait or you can leave your bunny with us for the day if you require a number of treatments to be carried out.


Do it Yourself:

If you would prefer to carry out these checks and treatments yourself listed below are the items which we use.  All are available to purchase in store. 

Beaphar Fly Guard

Vetzyme Ear drops

Beaphar spot on for rabbits and Guinea pigs

Beaphar Grooming Spray

Claw Scissors

Furminator professional Grooming Tool