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  • "Columbus runs rings around me! My "boingdy boingdy Bognor boy" with a "buckaroo bounce" & a penchant for broccoli. Thank You. Love to all. Laura"
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Aldwick Pets Bunnies for Sale.

last updated 06/11/2017

We pride ourselves in supplying quality pure bred, healthy rabbits. We breed many of our own and others come from reputable local breeders.  All babies are well socialized and handled. 

All our bunnies come with a
Care pack including:
  • Birth certificate/ Pedigree
  • Vaccination certificate (if vaccinated)
  • Care sheets.
  • Diet sheet
  • Beapher care pack, incl food discount voucher
  • Bag Beaphar Care + Junior Food 
  • Small bag Readigrass
  • Harvest Munch Treat
  • Sample pack of Verm ex  
  • Cardboard carrier
  • £5.00 Discount voucher for future vaccinations
  • 7 day guarantee
  • Insurance voucher from Exotic Direct.

Before going on sale all our bunnies are:

  • A minimum of 8 weeks old (Brc recommended age)
  • Quarantined
  • Sexed
  • Given probiotic
  • Treated against Fleas and mites
  • Weaned on to Care + Junior rabbit food.
  • Vet checked  and Myxi and VHD Vaccinated (optional for extra £19.50)


Babies Currently Available

Netherland Dwarfs

Litter of 2 Tri colour 

from Daisy and Robbie.

Ready to go 14th Nov.

£45 each

(Both Reserved)

Litter of 3 Netherland Dwarfs

Born 27th Sept 17

1 Black otter Doe

1 Agouti Doe

1 Agouti Buck

Ready to go 26th Nov

£45 each

(2 x Agouti reserved)

Litter of 2 Netherland Dwarfs

Born 30 Sept 17

1 Black otter Buck

1 Harlequin Doe

Ready to go 26th Nov

£45 each.

Litter of 2 Netherland Dwarfs

Born 18th Oct 17

From Miffy and Robbie.

1 Tri

1 Harlequin

Ready to go 13th Dec 17

£45 each.

Litter of 4 Netherlands born 27th Oct 

from Tinkerbelle and Robbie.

2 Opal

1 Harlequin

1 Agouti

Ready to go 22nd Dec

£45 each

(1 Opal reserved)

Mini Lops

Litter of 2 Mini Lops born 23rd Sept 17

 from Matilda and Barclay.

1 Sooty Butterfly

1 Choc Butterfly

Ready to go 18th Nov.

£45 each

(Both reserved)

Litter of 2 Mini Lops

Born 30th Oct.

From Pumpkin and Barclay

1 Sooty Fawn

1 Cinnamon Butterfly

Ready to go 24th Dec.

Mini Lion Lops

Litter of 3 Mini Lionlops

Born 20/5/17

Ready to go 15th July.

1 Sable Buck

1 Blue Buck

1 Lilac Doe

£45 each


Litter of 2 Lionlops born 6th Oct

From Storm and Nutmeg.

Ready to go 1st Dec 17.

1 Chocolate Butterfly

1 Cinnamon butterfly

£45 each

(Cinnamon reserved)

Litter of 5 Mini lops x Lionlops born 27th Oct,

From Princess and Storm.

1 x Blue point

1x Blue Self

2x Vienna marked Blues

1x Vienna Marked Black

£45 each

(only black and Blue point left)

Rabbit Prices: (prices vary according to colours/show quality)

(If  you would like your bunny vet checked and vaccinated against myxomotosis and VHD before they leave please add another £19.50 to these prices)

Netherland Dwarfs: £45.00

Mini Lops: £45.00

Mini Lionlops: £45.00

Dwarf Lops: £35.00

Mini Rex: £35.00

Standard Rex: £30.00

Lionheads: £35.00

Dutch: £35.00

Thriantas: £40.00

French lops: £60.00

English Lops: £69.00

(Discounts available for pairs).

Reserve babies early to guarantee your preferred breed, sex and colour.  A £10.00 deposit will be required for any bunny reserved.  This is non refundable unless there is a health concern with your particular bunny.  Please mention when reserving whether you would like your rabbit vet checked and  Myxi and VHD vaccinated.  We offer this service through our vets at a discounted rate of £19.50 (usually £29.00). 

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a particular breed/colour/sex of bunny, please let us know and we will contact you when one becomes available.

If we do not have the breed that you are looking for please enquire as we may be able to locate it for you or put you on a waiting list for when some come up.

We specialise in Mini Lops and Netherland Dwarfs but also get a few other breeds from trusted local breeders.

We also have rabbits available for stud.

Please call us on 01243 869 444, or complete an enquiry form for more information or to reserve a bunny.

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