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  • "I brought a beautiful white mini lop with blue eyes! She's settled in lovely and is such a friendly and loving rabbit who licks everyone! Everyone at Aldwick were lovely and hel..."
  • "Columbus runs rings around me! My "boingdy boingdy Bognor boy" with a "buckaroo bounce" & a penchant for broccoli. Thank You. Love to all. Laura"
    housekeeping staff
  • "I bought a Dalmatian guinea pig last year in October, she is a lovely with a huge personality and becoming more and more tame by the second. The service in the shop was lovely a..."

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Circus Hamster Cage Available Now!!

Rabbit Starter Kits

We stock 2 different great value Starter kits, Basic and Extra Fill. These kits can be added to any of our hutches to create a complete set up.

We also stock an indoor Kit. This kit is designed to be added to any of the indoor cages that we stock.

(All starter kits are available to purchase in store)

Basic Rabbit Starter Kit


 250g pack Beaphar Care + Junior Rabbit food

Bag of Shavings

Bag of Straw

Bag of Hay

Bag of Reddigrass

Clean and Safe Disinfectant

Melamine Food Bowl

Water Bottle

Wooden chew Sticks

Beaphar Treats

Excel Herbs

Rabbit Care Book



(buy online now click here)


Extra Fill Rabbit Starter Kit

1.5kg Bag Care + Junior Rabbit food

2x Bags Shavings

2x Bags of Straw

2x Bags of Hay

2x Bags of Reddigrass

Clean and Safe Disinfectant

Melamine Food Bowl

Large Water Bottle

Packs Wood chew Sticks

2x Beaphar Treats

 Excel Herbs

Rabbit Book



(buy online now click here)


Indoor Rabbit Starter Kit.

250g Care + Junior Rabbit food

Bag Shavings  

Bag of Meadow Hay

Bag of Reddigrass

Beaphar Treats 

Excel Herbs

Cage Fresh Granules

Clean and Safe Disinfectant

Wood Chews

Corner Litter tray

10L Back 2 Nature Litter

Rabbit Book