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Recomended Products

 We spend a lot of time researching what various products have to offer both our my own animals and for those of our customers.  Many are tried and tested by us at the shop and others come highly recommended by regular customers.  The following are all products which believe offer the best quality and value.  All are available to purchase through our web store.

Rabbit Foods:

Roughage such as hay, dried grasses and dried herbs should form the main part of you rabbits diet and be supplemented with pellets/nuggets, fresh veg and healthy natural treats.

  When choosing a rabbit food try to choose an extruded nugget diet as opposed to a musili type mix.  This type of diet tends to retain its nutrients more efficiently and eliminates the problem of selective feeding.  They are also better for dental ware.  There are many extruded diets on the market but they do vary in quality, try to compare the ingredients and composition when choosing one.  Some manufactures will use cheaper filler ingredients to add bulk.  Foods should ideally be high in fibre and low in protein.  Personally I consider Care + and Excel to be 2 of the best.  A good cheaper alternative is Harringtons Optimum.  Be cautious about feeding to much  Alfalfa or lucerne  as this is not an ideal food for your average adult rabbit, being fairly high in calories and calcium.  Although some calcium is necessary in the diet, too much can cause bladder problems.  (white or cloudy urine is a sign of too much calcium in the diet).   Also avoid foods with added suger (mollasses) or salt.

Beaphar CARE + SMALL ANIMAL RANGE: A premium quality extruded food.  We highly recommend this and any animal purchased from us will be fed on this.  Designed by a manufacturer of small animal veterinary products, Care+ food contains good quality well researched ingredients, beneficial for dental health, digestive heath and odour control.  It is also packed with herbs giving it a lovely smell, and making it readily accepted by most pets.

Manufacturers description:

Beaphar Care+ is unique. All the ingredients required by each particular animal are combined in every mouthful. The process by which all the different ingredients are brought together is called “extrusion”. The ingredients are mixed together under high pressure and temperature.  This also results in the food being sterilized, and makes the proteins easier for the animal to digest. However, as the heating time is only short, the natural vitamins contained within the food are preserved.  Every piece of Beaphar Care+ has thus the same composition. There can be no selection, and no resulting waste.  Beaphar Care+ has been developed in cooperation with veterinarians, nutritionists and prominent rodent specialists. After choosing the right mix of ingredients, the correct hardness, size and shape of the pieces has been carefully studied, in order to optimize the food’s ability to keep the teeth clean, free of plaque, and gently worn at the correct rate.  To further enhance the smell and taste of the food, a special blend of herbs has been added to the mix.

Available to purchase from our Web Store

BURGESS EXCEL RANGE:  It is a veterinary recommended all nugget diet which prevents selective feeding and is good for teeth.   This food again contains good quality ingredients and we are generally very impressed with it.   Burgess also have a good selection of healthy Hays, Herbs and treats for rabbits and other small animals.

Meadow Hay

We get our meadow hay straight from a local farm where it is harvested , so it is lovely and fresh and is really nice hay.  Our bunnies love it.

Only £2.90 per bag  (available to purchase from our Web Store)


Friendly ReadiGrass is 100% natural feed, made exclusively from British pastures. The unique low-temperature drying process removes only the water leaving the fragrant aroma, vibrant colour and high nutrient value of fresh grass. This gives a feed that is more nutritious than hay, yet still contains the digestible fibre essential for your animal's health. 

Friendly ReadiGrass has the correct calcium : phosphorus ratio of 2:1 to aid normal skeletal development.

Full of natural flavour, sealed in by  the drying process to ensure palatability, tempting even the fussiest eaters and reducing wastage.

The drying process sterilises the grass, killing virtually all parasites, mites, fleas, fungal spores and other harmful contaminates often found in hay.

The fibrous nature of the grass helps to reduce the risk of overgrown teeth

All our rabbits are fed reddigrass in addition to their daily rations.  We find it especially good for reducing digestive problems in baby rabbits.

1 Kg Bag  £4.40 (availabe to purchase from our web store)

Timothy Hay

This is an excellent hay for adult and elderly rabbits as it is high in fibre and low in protein.  Great for rabbits prone to digestive problems.

Excel Forage

This is mainly alfalfa which is high in calcium and therefore a good supplement for young growing bunnies or guineas.   For older animals I would suggest Excel Herbage as a suitable alternative.

Verm-ex Natural parasite control.

This is an excellent product which can be used for  Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, all Rodents and Ferrets,

A heathy treat. The nuggets may be fed whole or can be crushed-up and sprinkled on or mixed in with your pet's daily feed ration.

Treats and Toys

We always recommend the more natural treats for rabbits,  many treats available have added sugar and are high in carbohydrate.

 Any of these products are available to purchase from our Online shop.  Delivery is FREE for orders over £50.  For orders under £50 a £6.00 will be added for postage and packing.  Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.